1. Dashboard views
  2. The Universal button
  3. The statistics
  1. Dashboard views:

The Dashboard has 3 modes of data visualization:

  •  The Calendar: It shows the time records on a weekly or daily calendar view, allowing you to have a quick and a broad view of activities you perform
  • The Agenda : It allows you to make a quick time track of the activities planned for the day with a single click
  • The Timesheet : It shows activities you perform in the classic timesheet view

You can access the desired view by clicking on the Dashboard option in the main menu and selecting it from the sub menu.

2. The Universal button:

It is located on the top right side of your Dashboard.

By using this button you can easily create Time Records, Projects, Tasks, as well as add new clients.

3. The statistics:

It is located on the right side of your Dashboard.

Here you will be able to see the statistics of hours registered, which will allow you to review your performance and compare it with the previous week.

By clicking on this panel, a pop-up window will open where you will see in more detail these results.

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