It is the basic access level and can be accessed by all of the users. It is where each account member will be able to personalize his/her user account.


  1. User configuration structure
  • My profile 
  • User Settings
  • Security
  • Notifications

  2. Editing the User Settings

  1. User configuration structure:

It is divided into 5 sections:

  • My profile : In this tab you can update your personal information.
  • User settings: In this section, you can set up the information relevant to your current location and the language, which will be used by the system to display the data. You can also set your favorite background picture.

Note that the time records are registered based on the time zone you set up in this tab.

  • Security: In this tab you can perform the following actions:
  • Change your personal password
  • Generate or remove the access tokens- These tokens are automatically generated by your devices when you first log into the app and will allow you to access the app in the future without having to enter your username and password.

    Since it is possible to connect primaERP with other external applications, you can also generate your own unique token for each application (highly recommended). This way, if you decide not to use the application anymore or you lose your device, all you need to do is delete this token: No need to change your password.
  • Connect external services- Here you can connect primaERP to external services in order to log in with the same credentials as for example your Google account.
  • Notifications: You can enable between 3 types of notification:
  • Daily notifications: By enabling it, the system will send reminders in case you forget to track the time during the day. They are sent at the end of each day.
  • Weekly report: By enabling it, the system will send a brief report and review of the time you registered the previous week and some basic metrics related to it. These notifications are sent out every Sunday.
  • primaERP News: Turn on emails and in-app messages regarding App updates, hints, outages, etc

2. Editing the User configuration:

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