It allows you to make a quick time track of the activities planned for the day with a single click.

This view is useful for those who carry out multitasking work in a short time.


  1. The Agenda structure
  2. Working in the Agenda
  • Tracking the time
  • Editing Time Records
  1. The Agenda structure:

Consists of two sections:

A) The "Today I'm working on" panel, where the list of projects and tasks planned will appear.

B) The time records panel.

2. Working in the Agenda

A) Tracking the time: At the bottom left side of the Working panel you will find the Impulses button. By pressing it, the Impulse panel opens, and there you will find the list of projects and tasks.

Plan your day by selecting the projects and tasks that you aim to do today. We recommend you to be realistic and schedule only what you really can accomplish.

In the "Today I'm working on" panel, start tracking the time by pressing on the 


When starting a different project or task, the previous activity processed stops, and a time record is created based on the timekeeping performed. A new stopwatch will begin tracking the time of the next task.

If you have a project or task which you perform often you can pin it using the


B) Editing Time Records: Click on the time record to be edited, then select the “Edit record” option.

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