It can be accessed only by the account owner and the account administrator. It contains the default configuration of the primaERP TIME TRACKING account, such as the location of the main office base, the company language and others.


  1. Account settings structure
  • General
  • Default settings
  • Integration
  • License
  • Backup

   2. Users

   3. Roles

   4. Accesses

   5. Editing the Account Settings

  1. Account settings structure:

It is divided in 5 sections:

  • General: You will find the general information of the account.

Here is where you set the location of the main office and the currency used.

The account owner can also transfer the ownership to another account member if necessary and change the account URL.

You can also deactivate your account here; this process takes 90 days as is established in our Terms and Conditions. After this time, your account will be deleted.

  • Default settings: In this section, you can set the default account settings such as the company language of the account, which is the language the system will use to communicate with user members by e-mail, the time zone and time/date format.
  • Integration: Here you can integrate Basecamp with primaERP. More information about connecting Basecamp will be explained in the respective article.
  • License: This tab displays the type of license you have and offers the possibility to upgrade it.
  • Backup: In this section you can export all the data from your account so you can either archive it or use it in any other way.

The data exported contains the data from all your projects, clients, tasks and activities as well as the time records you have created from the moment you created your account.

2. Users: Here you will find the list of users, their details and the roles assigned to them.

3. Roles: You will find the list of roles and competences, which are included within primaERP.

4. Accesses: You can assign users access to the primaERP applications and also display the type of license.

5. Editing the Account Settings:

Note that this operation can be performed only by the account owner.

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