This is a feature which allows the account owner to change the account name. Once you change the account name, the account address (URL) will be changed too. Please be aware that you can change your account name only one time. 

Also please note that your account name and the company name can be different; therefore once you change your account name, the company name will remain the same. If you wish to change the company name, you have to edit it in the company name field in the account settings. 

Changing the account name:

This action can be performed only by the account owner and it should be done on his respective account:

A. Click on "Settings", which is located at the top right side of the screen.

B. Click on “Account settings”.

C. In the General tab, select the change button beside the URL account address.

D. Write the new Account name and submit the form.

After you change the account name, you will be redirected to the login screen. This is because by changing the account name, your account address (URL) has changed too.

All the account users will get a confirmation email with the new account address immediately after the change and they will also have to log back in using the new address.

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