The access tokens are automatically generated by your device when you first log into the app and will allow you to access the app in the future without having to enter your username and password.
In case of issues with the application it is possible that you will be asked to provide us with an access token to grant access to your account to our developers.

Since it is possible to connect primaERP with other external applications, you can also generate your own unique token for each application (highly recommended). This way, if you decide not to use the application anymore, you lose your device or you want to revoke the access of our developers to your data,  all you need to do is delete this token; no need to change your password.

Generating a new access token

In order to make a new token, please click on My profil > Security > Access tokens

Create a new Access token, give it any name, e.g. support, and if you were asked to provide us with access to your accoutn, please send us the token, which is the long row of numbers and letters. 

After we have finished the analysis, you can delete the token and your technicians will lose access to your account.

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