The agenda allows to start time tracking of daily activities on one click.

It is useful to switch between multiple tasks quickly. 


  1. Structure of the agenda
  2. Working with the agenda
  • Time tracking
  • Editing time records
  1. Structure of the agenda

The Agenda consists of two sections:

A)  'Today’s To-Do List ' shows the list of planned projects and tasks.

B) 'Time records of the day'

2. Working with the agenda:

A) Time tracking: In the bottom left you will find the Impulses from the tasks button. Press it to bring up the panel with a list of projects and tasks.

Plan your day by simply selecting projects and tasks. We recommend that you be realistic in your selection.

In the 'Today’s To-Do List ' section, click the arrow button to begin timing.

If you start another project or task, the previous measurement stops automatically, the time record is saved and the stopwatch starts to measure the time for the new task.

You can pin projects and tasks that you often work on by clicking the pin button.

B) To edit time records: Click on the desired record, then select “Edit record”.

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