This feature allows you to set up project related activities, which means:

  • Easier and more convenient search in the activity list while creating or editing a time record
  • End of long lists - only activities related to the selected project are displayed

How to turn this feature on?

Click on the settings icon in the upper right corner and select "Time Tracking Settings".
Click on the "Features" tab and turn the "Project related activities" on.

If you are a user with one of the following roles Account owner, Account administrator, Time Tracking project manager, and / or the owner of a project), you can set up a list of project-related activities. Just enter go to Manage > Projects > select a project and go to the Activities tab.  

Activate "YES, I want to set a list of activities related to this project."
Check the activities you want to connect to the project. 

There are two views in the activity tab: Show All and Show Related Only. To add more to the list of related activities, select show all. If you want to remove or see only related activities, it is better to use the "Show only related" view.
The list of related activities can only be used if you have at least one activity related  to the project.

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