You have several possibilities to get the invoice of your payment during the order process:

  1. In the last screen with the payment confirmation is a link to the pdf invoice: click on Print order confirmation
  2. In the attachment of the mail confirming the payment
  3. Anytime after you can always find all invoices in the MyCommerce application.

The latter you can also use for recurring payments in the next months or years. When you choose to get the the invoice with the link, you can log in to MyCommerce. The starting page looks like this:

In the 'Order overview' you can see the list of all your orders.

Click the Order number for the details and click Invoice/Order confirmation. Here you can review and print your invoices at anytime.

Making changes in your invoices

If you want to make changes in your future invoices, go to MyCommerce and click on your name. In the Account information section

If you find a mistake on your current invoice (incorrect tax rate for your country, missing or not required VA, etc), please be aware that we can’t handle this; the correction has to be made by MyCommerce. You can either ask them directly by contacting their support with the request form on this link: or you can ask us and we can redirect the request to MyCommerce and keep you informed about the solution. Usually this kind of problem is solved with a refund within a couple of days.

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