How to invite new users

Go to Team settings 👉 Team members 👉 Invite new users

You are required to fill out the email address and choose the module the user should have access to.

Furthermore, you can but don't have to assign the user to already existing projects one by one or assign the user(s) to all projects by ticking the checkbox.

Please note that you need to have free accesses in order to add new users. To buy new accesses Go to settings 👉 Accesses & Subscriptions. To find out how to purchase a subscription, please, check this article out.

The new user will receive an activation link in her/his email. Click on the "Join the team" blue button to activate the account.

In case the invited user can not find the invitation, you can resend it to him. To do so, go to Team settings 👉 Team members 👉 Click on the invited user (Confirmation pending) 👉"Send invitation" button

How to delete a user

To do so, go to to Team settings 👉 Team members 👉 Click on a particular member 👉"Delete" button

By deleting a user, the user will lose access to the account for the next log in and you will free up one license.

Note that with this action, the data created by the user will not be lost.

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