Each role has its own competencies. The competencies differ in accessing important features like clients, projects, prices, etc.

The roles are structured for the whole account, the time tracking module and the attendance module.

Competencies overview:

prima:Time account comepetencies

Account owner

Account admin

All users

Full control over the team settings

Basic control over the team settings

Time Tracking settings

My profile settings

Time Tracking module comepetencies

Account owner + admin

Time Tracking user

Time Tracking project manager

Time Tracking advanced user

Create client

Create activities

Create projects

Tracking of Time

Viewing team mates' time records

Editing team mates' time records

Viewing prices

Editing prices

Attendance module comepetencies

Attendance admin

Attendance Advanced user

Attendance user

Control over the attendance settings

Clock in and out

Create time record retrospectively

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