prima:Time Tracking is a cloud application that helps you keep track of the time spent on your projects. It allows you to evaluate your performance and shows how effective you are. All of which is done either in real time or retrospectively.

Time Tracking gives you the possibility to check and supervise the development of a project and its tasks from beginning to end. You will also be able to find out where and how you invest of your time.

Why should you start with Time Tracking?

It will provide you the information in order to:

  • Charge your clients for the real time spent on the work process

  • Reduce overpaid work

  • Discover the profitability of your projects

  • Have an overview of what your employees are working on

  • Create time sheets for your customers or your boss with a single "click"

  • Reduce administrative work

So what are you waiting for? Register here and try out the 30- day free Trial 🙌.

If you need help or would like to share your ideas, please contact the prima:Time Support by clicking on the blue bubble in the bottom right corner of this page. All sorts of comments are very welcome. We are permanently searching for new inspiration to improve our software 📩🙏.

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