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API: Integrate prima:Time to your systems
API: Integrate prima:Time to your systems
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prima:Time provides the RESTful API that allows a simple and powerful integration with external applications such as invoicing and project management systems, attendance solutions, ERPs, etc.

You can use the API both to export and import your data to the app – you can import the list of your projects and tasks from your project management system, track time on them in prima:Time and export the data to the invoicing software afterwards.

Among the key features of prima:Time we want to highlight the built-in integration with the Basecamp project management system and external calendars such as Google and MS Exchange (Office 365). You can take advantage of this additional feature by tracking the time of your Basecamp projects and being able to see your events from the Google or MS Exchange Calendar (or any other source in the iCal format) in your impulses.

If you are interested in integrating your systems with prima:Time, you should request an authorization to use the API Resources from the prima:Time support by clicking on the black bubble in the bottom right corner of this page.

For more information, you can find the API documentation via the following link:

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