The Subscriptions History page

To get to the subscriptions overview go to Accesses & Subscriptions 👉 Subscription history

The overview displays the name and type of subscription you have, the subscription number, the expiration date and amount of accesses for the particular subscription.

Subscription number can be provided to the support as a reference in case you are having issues with your subscription.

The dark blue button on the right side Buy additional accesses offers the possibility to buy additional accesses.

The grey Subscription management button will take you to a subscriptions management website upon being clicked.

To learn how to edit your subscriptions, please check this article out.

If you need help or would like to share your ideas, please contact the prima:Time Support by clicking on the blue bubble in the bottom right corner of this page. All sorts of comments are very welcome. We are permanently searching for new inspiration to improve our software 📩🙏.

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