All newly purchased subscriptions will always be merged with an existing subscription.

Once you choose the number and type of your new subscription, prima:Time will automatically calculate the difference between the day in which your existing subscription would be renewed and the day in which you are actively buying the new subscription(s). You will only pay for that difference, in the first billing period.

After that, starting from the next billing period (taking place on the day in which the purchase of the original subscription was made), you will be charged for all your active subscriptions, in full price, for the first time.

This approach solves the issue of subscriptions being renewed in different days, resulting in an excessive amount of payments, invoices and fragmented accounts.

Let's look at an example:

You purchase your first monthly subscription on April 5th. Then, you decide to buy am additional subscription on April 15th.

Instead of paying a full monthly price for that new subscription bought on April 15th, you will only pay for the day difference between the renewal of your first bought subscription - which would take place on May 5th - and the newly purchased subscription- which is on April 15th. The difference, in this case, is 20 days.

Then, starting on May 5th, the two purchases will get merged in one single subscription, and you will be fully paying for all your subscriptions.

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