The most important concepts regarding prima:Time accesses & subscriptions

  • Subscriptions are tied to the workspace, not to the user who started them. In other words, they are workspace-specific and not user-specific.

  • You are charged for every access to a module based on subscriptions of the workspace

  • One access to a module allows one user to use that particular module

The reason subscriptions are tied to workspaces is the ability to flexibly manipulate with the accesses. You can remove accesses from retired teammates and give these accesses to new teammates without the need of buying new ones.

For more details on how to purchase and assign accesses, check the Accesses & Subscriptions article.

How does the subscription management work?

All newly purchased subscriptions will be always merged with an existing one. prima:Time will automatically calculate the day difference between the renewal of the existing subscription and the newly purchased subscriptions.

The difference is the amount you will be paying for. From the new billing period (the renewal of the first bought subscription) you will be charged for the subscriptions together in full price.

This solves the issue of subscriptions being renewed on different days resulting in many invoices.

Let's look at an example.

You purchased a monthly subscription on April 5th. Then, you decide to buy an additional subscription on April 15th.

Instead of paying the full monthly price for the subscription bought on April 15th, you will pay for the day difference between the renewal of the first bought subscription (April 5th) which is on May 5th and the newly purchased subscription which is on April 15th. The difference is 20 days.

Starting May 5th, the subscriptions get merged, and you will be paying for both subscriptions the full monthly price.

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