Integrations allow external apps to communicate with prima:Time. Prima:Time sends its data into the external apps and vice versa.

To integrate prima:Time, go to prima:Time Settings 👉 Team Settings 👉 Integration

At this moment, you can connect to prima:Time only with Basecamp 1. We don't support any newer Basecamp versions such as Basecamp 2 & Basecamp 3 at the moment.

To connect Basecamp 1 to prima:Time, click on the Connect button. After clicking on the button, a window appears, where you input your Basecamp's credentials and set the synchronization time. When done, click on the Submit button.

In the future, we are planning to make the integration with more apps available.

If you need help or would like to share your ideas, please contact the prima:Time Support by clicking on the blue bubble in the bottom right corner of this page. All sorts of comments are very welcome. We are permanently searching for new inspiration to improve our software 📩🙏.

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