How do I purchase a new subscription?

  • You can learn how to purchase a new subscription in this article on our Knowledge Base.

Where do I see the expiration dates of my subscriptions?

  • You can learn how to see the expiration of your subscriptions in this article on our Knowledge Base.

What will happen after May 1st?When will primaERP be closed?

  • primaERP will start to be continuously replaced by prima:Time on May 1st and closed.  

  • You will have all users available for free until May 31st in the prima:Time App.

  • On June 1st, you will be asked to purchase new licenses, in order to be able to continue using prima:Time.

  • How to purchase a subscription can be learned in this article.

  • If you haven't heard about the app news, you can check out this article on our blog.

How does it work with subscriptions?

  • All the existing subscriptions, that were still purchased in the primaERP app were transferred to prima:Time and correspond to the period, which was paid for. Example – You purchased a yearly subscription on February 5th 2021 in primaERP. That means you can use prima:Time until February 5th 2022 without any additional costs for that subscription.

  • The automatic renewal of subscriptions that were still purchased in the primaERP app has been stopped since primaERP will be closed on May 1st and replaced with prima: Time. All data remain the same and were completely transferred from primaERP into prima: Time.

What happens to my data?

  • All the data remain the same and were fully transferred from primaERP into prima:Time.

Why did we decide to make changes?

  • We decided to make changes due to the preservation of the future sustainability of the application and the ability to further expand it. In the near future, we are going to add more extensions that will no longer change the price.

What are the biggest improvements?

  • Among other new functions in prima:Time, we optimized the speed of the entire application, we also redesigned the subscription system, redesigned Stopwatch, redesigned Agenda, improved user interface of Reports, redesigned the Impulses panel, redesigned Attendance and Billing modules.

If you need help or would like to share your ideas, please contact the prima:Time Support by clicking on the blue bubble in the bottom right corner of this page. All sorts of comments are very welcome. We are permanently searching for new inspiration to improve our software 📩🙏.

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