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Thanks to all your feedback, we are being able to continuously improve our app, week after week, so that all our users can use it with the highest possible degree of comfort.

Attendance Timesheet - new detailed export

Three new export options were added to the print / export menu. Now you can visualize all the activities you've worked on in a more detailed way, including your customized description texts:

Example of the PDF - Details export

More accurate price calculations

It's now possible to calculate the hourly rates up to 4 decimal places. No more wrong price rounding due to minor inaccuracies.

Other improvements

  • Filters

    • Fixed "Team overview" - "Table" filter, while printing reports.

    • Fixed error while using "Reset filters" in "Project reports".

  • Time Tracking Stopwatch no longer fails to remember the time record fields while using "Pause" and "Continue" buttons.

  • "Contact person" is also no longer being forgotten when editing a "Bill"

  • Fixed issue when using the "arrow" buttons to add or remove 5-minute steps, while creating (or editing) a time record:

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