The Table mode is the ideal option when you need to work with numerous time records at the same time, allowing you to adjust or modify several of its attributes in bulk.

To get to the Table mode, do the following:

  1. Hover over the mode menu

  2. Click on "Table", as seen below:

Once you are in the Table view page, you will see a large filter on the left side of the page (red rectangle on the picture below). The filter allows you to rapidly select the relevant type of records you want to work on (users, clients, projects, etc.).

For an even more clear-cut view, you can group the already filtered time records by type, using the “Ungrouped / Grouped by” preference, which you can find right below the Table view button (blue rectangle on the picture below).

After that, by checking the boxes of the time records you want to edit, you will activate the three dropdown menus offered by this mode: Action, Edit and Move.

  • The Action menu allows you to Delete, Approve/Disapprove and Recalculate prices, making it a particularly useful feature in case you work with billable records.

  • The Edit menu was designed to modify the internal attributes of a time record. You can change its Activity type, define its Billability and its Beneficial / non-Beneficial condition.

  • The Move menu is yet another way to change the internal attributes of a time record. In this case, after ticking the boxes you need, you can redefine their associated Project, Owner, and Task.

Finally, after having concluded your adjustments, you need to save your changes, as seen below:

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