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Thanks to all your feedback, we are being able to continuously improve our app, week after week, so that all our users can also benefit from and use it with the highest possible degree of comfort.

Technical updates

Complex technical improvements were implemented, which will allow the application to run faster and to become absolutely stable. These changes will also make it easier for our developers to implement new features much faster.

Navigation panel update

  • The Agenda mode was renamed onto "To-Do List" as it makes it clearer what is its functional purpose.

  • The Table mode was added to the modes' list

To-Do List rework

A new functionality was implemented into the To=Do List mode.

The To-do List section

The pink rectangle

Tasks can be directly marked as done by clicking on the "checkmark" icon, as seen above.

The blue rectangle

Tasks can be directly removed from the To-Do List by clicking on the "X" icon, as seen above.

The yellow rectangle

New Tasks can be created for the corresponding project by filling in the task's name and clicking on the "+" icon, as seen above.

The green rectangle

Tasks can be added into the To-Do List by clicking on the "star" icon of the corresponding task, as seen above.

The Recent Work section

This section can display up to 10 most recently created time records, all sorted in a chronological order. The Recent Work section also now displays the status of the tasks: DONE (green rectangle), In progress (orange rectangle) and To-Do (red rectangle), as seen on the picture below.

Tasks with the status "To-Do" can be added into the To-Do List by clicking on the corresponding "star" icon.

Time Records of the day section

This section now displays the time records' status: DONE (green rectangle) and TO-be worked on (red rectangle). The time records can be edited by clicking on the (yellow rectangle).

Responsive behavior on the Calendar mode

When reaching a certain scree size, the application automatically changes its appearance in order to continue working properly.

Time Tracking settings UI improvements

The individual settings were divided into two new sections: Timeline (red rectangle) & Projects and Tasks (green rectangle) according to the area in which they are shown on the app.

A new option on Settings – Disabling email notifications upon adding new users to a project

You can now decide whether the new users added to a project should receive an email notification informing them about it. You can now simply turn off these notifications by doing the following:

  1. Go to the Team Settings

  2. Click on the "Notifications" subpage

  3. Turn off the "Adding members to Projects" notification, as seen below:

In case you need help or would like to share your ideas with us, please contact the prima:Time Support team by clicking on the black bubble in the bottom right corner of this page 🙌.

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