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Required fields

Administrators and Account Owners can now configure which fields must always be filled out, while creating a new time record.

The fields that may be now set as mandatory are:

  • Client

  • Project

  • Task

  • Activity

  • Description

You can easily define which of the above fields are to be filled out by doing the following:

  1. Go to "Time tracking settings"

  2. Click on the "Required fields" subpage (on the left side of the screen)

  3. Choose the fields that must be always filled out by "switching on" this feature, as seen below:

Monthly Calendar view

The option to visualize time records in a "monthly view" has been added to the Calendar page, so you can easily switch between daily, weekly and monthly view in just one click.

Cell phone/ Smaller devices compatibility

We have been continuously working to improve the responsiveness of our mobile application. Our users may now use the prima:Time app in their phone's browser in a much more comfortable way. The following pages and modals have been made highly reactive to the data shown on the screen:

Attendance dashboard

Time tracking calendar

Create Time record window

To-Do List enhancements

Quick edit button

Upon starting tracking time on an active "To-Do List" task, a three dots icon will now appear. This allows you to either delete or quickly edit the time record being created:

Hide recent work

Users can now minimize the "Recent Work" tab, which allows the "To Do List" section to display much more tasks or projects without the need to constantly scroll down.

Projects report enhancement

Users have now an option to easily filter out inactive projects, thus being able to only focus on the active ones, in case of need:

Expenses (work in progress)

We're currently working on a new feature that will allow users to create different types of expenses related to their work. Users will then be able to export and / or include those expenses into their new bills. More on this topic soon.

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