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Team settings - Subscriptions

Further data has been added to the "Team Settings - Subscriptions" page, which now shows all relevant information pertaining to the account, namely:

  • Purchased product

  • Subscription type

  • Payment reference number

  • Start and end date of each subscription

  • Total number of accesses in use

Accesses and Subscriptions

  • The loading time of the Access and Subscriptions page has been greatly improved, which is especially beneficial for companies with numerous users.

  • Also trying to improve our customers' user experience, we have decided to implement a clear visual marker “(!)”, highlighting existing subscriptions that have already expired.

This feature makes it much easier to visualize the application access status of each user in relation to each attributed module, while still being possible to redistribute the number of available accesses in real time, as preferred by the Account Owner and / or authorized Admins.


  • The stopwatch icons were all unified for distinctly illustrating their specific function throughout the app.

  • Now you’ll be able to see a real time preview of your newly created time record, as soon as you start counting time. Once the stop (save) button is pressed, the time record format will become fully integrated into your calendar, resembling all the others you have already saved.

This new feature will help our users to distinguish more clearly between time records in progress and previously logged time records.

Mobile phone and Tablet usage optimization

In order to also improve the user experience of customers who operate our app via mobile or tablet, we have been greatly optimizing the usage of this type of devices.

  • In some cases, depending on the type of device being used, we have observed some difficulty when trying to click on some specific buttons or seeing some of the menus in a clear way. This was the case, for example, when creating or editing time records and it has now been corrected.

  • Also concerning visual comfort, some other improvements were made, more specifically in the Calendar view, readjusting the position of some buttons and implementing a few more useful shortcuts.

  • We also made some changes in the Settings of the Attendance module, facilitating its use with the automatic appearance of numeric keyboards on the screen whenever justified, thus avoiding a possible erratic behavior of the browser when introducing numeric characters in the system.

  • Similar improvements, benefiting the responsiveness of each device type were also made in the "Team Calendar" menu, in the creation and editing of Projects and Reports, where sometimes an excessive overlapping of data on the screen could be noticed.

Other improvements

In addition to the deployed improvements for mobile devices, other fixes and enhancements were made throughout the application, either correcting detected inaccuracies or simply trying to improve our users' experience, such as:

  • Placing dropdown menus in better locations, replacing and / or aligning buttons, refining the colors of standard functions (checkboxes, filters, etc.), thus creating more comfort and intuitiveness in the daily use of our application.

In the pipeline

Our development team has been preparing an important enhancement to our application. After the testing phase is over, we will include a new "Mode" in the main panel. It will now be possible to easily create and associate Expenses to your time records, whether linked to a specific Project, Client, or Expense type. This new feature will be meeting the requests made to us by many of our users and we will be happy to support it in a very near future.

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