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Thanks to all your feedback, we are being able to continuously improve our app, week after week, so that all our users can also benefit from and use it with the highest possible degree of comfort.

Introduction of “Expenses” mode

One of the features most requested by our users over time has finally been possible to implement.

Now, in addition to being able to work with all the modes already offered (Calendar, Timesheet, To-do list, and Table), our users will be able to take advantage of having a dedicated space for this very common type of requirement.

Expenses can be associated with Clients, Projects, or account Users, thus making it easy to record and export data related to daily (or exceptional) costs, associated with your own activities or the activities of your team.

To this end, a drop-down menu has been created, specifying the most common types of reported expenses, as you can see below:

It is also important to mention that created "Expenses" may or may not be shown throughout the application, this choice being made by the account owner or selected admins. This setting can be turned ON or OFF in the "Time Tracking configuration - Expenses" menu.

“Internal note” field is now available

Another much-awaited innovation, created to improve the quality of communication among team members working on the same Projects or Tasks, or having the need to access information contained in them, was the creation of an "Internal notes" field, in addition to the already existing "Description" box.

The major difference between these two areas, where free data inclusion is allowed, is that the information added to the "Internal Notes" field will never be shown when creating "Reports for clients" or " Bills", thus maintaining confidentiality in the recorded comments.

Possibility to hide week days from the Calendar

In the quick settings buttons on the Calendar mode, in addition to being able to choose a wider or more detailed view of the records created, via Calendar Zoom (60m, 20m, 10m) and the selection of the first day of the week to be displayed (Sunday or Monday), the option to exclusively display the days you want to see has now been implemented.

New Context menu (right-click button) while using the Calendar

Now, through a simple right-click on your mouse, while working in the Calendar mode, you can choose one of five actions to be applied to the selected entry: Edit, Make a copy, Approve, Mark as Not beneficial, or simply Delete.

Improved and updated dropdown menus

Several drop-down menus have been enhanced according to the most typical actions made by our users. In this way, we believe we have made everyone's work easier.

Allowing Projects belonging to different Clients to have similar names

You may have multiple clients for whom you provide a similar service and, for that reason, you would prefer to name your Projects, associated with each of them, the same. Before this release, due to technical issues, it was not possible to attribute the exact same name to these Projects. Now, because of our users' request, it is.

And we will happily continue to work according to your demands and general feedback.

Increase the width of our app working area (desktop use)

User comfort is a key concern for any application. Knowing this, and although these small changes are not immediately noticeable to everyone's eyes, the work area of our app has been enlarged in several menus and modes of use.

General responsiveness (mobile and desktop usage) and several bug fixes

Maintaining an active and functioning online service is the constant work of detecting and fixing unexpected errors. Through our support, we guarantee full focus on the problems reported by our users. Many times, a small complaint becomes a great opportunity for us to improve and understand what can be done better in the future.

Thank you for your collaboration!

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