The whole navigation occurs in the "head" of the app. The "head" consists of a module-switch panel, dedicated drop-down menus and settings buttons, as seen below:

The Module switch panel

The module-switch panel is used for navigating between different modules – the module's icon and the grey stated name indicate which module you are currently using.

To cycle through modules, simply hover over the main navigation panel and then click on the module you want to work with, as seen below:

The drop-down menus

The drop-down menus (blue if active) consist of specific functionalities that are nested inside the listed options. When hovered over the active menu (or clicked upon), a blue check mark will appear indicating the chosen (active) functionality.

Attendance, Time Tracking and Billing settings menu

Depending on which module is being used, you will also see its corresponding “settings” button, as it has been shown on the previous images. There is where can configure the overall functioning of each specific module.

prima:Time Account Settings

This menu is only accessible by the account owner and users with the necessary admin rights. Here is where you can find the “Team settings” (general account setup for all associated users), “Team members” (containing a list of all the users under the account and also the place where you can invite new ones), “Roles” (describing and allowing the attribution of specific roles to team members) and “Accesses and Subscriptions” (where you can manage your team member’s access to each module, as well as purchase new subscriptions).

My profile

"My profile" settings (the figure icon), on the other hand, are accessible by anyone. There you can personalize your own account's attributes such as language, signature, notifications, etc.

Below you can see an example of how to access these two last mentioned configuration menus:

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