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Adding new users to your Account
Adding new users to your Account
Learn how to invite new users to prima:Time and make them part of your own team
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Our project and time management tools can be customized both for a more individual or team-oriented type of usage.

However, most of the functionalities found throughout our application, while revealing no downside when it comes to a more “freelance” time and project management approach, were developed with that “team-oriented” usage in mind.

In that sense, the Account Owner decides which team members should participate in each particular project or task, the type of role each will have within the team structure, etc.

Before setting up the individual usage features for each of your team members, it’s necessary to provide access to your account by inviting new users to join your team.

Only after accepting the invitation and individually confirming their identity, steps that will be described further below, will each user be considered a fully-fledged new prima:Time user.

After completing the process, any given number of new users will become part of your team and the corresponding number of available subscriptions on your account will be therefore expended.

In order to add new users to your account, please proceed as follows:

  1. Go to the "Team members" page

  2. Click on "Invite new users"

  3. Fill out the new user’s email address (more than one user can be added)

  4. Choose the module(s) the new user(s) should have access to and, at the same time, each user's role within your team (this setting can be changed later), as seen on the image below;

  5. After that, you can immediately assign the new user to any specific existing Project, or simply tick the “Assign the user(s) to all projects” checkbox, also as seen below:

Please note that you need to have available subscriptions to be able to add new users into your account. To find out how to purchase new subscriptions, please check out this article.

Finally, after the described process, the new user will receive an activation link in her/his email.

The user should then click on the "Join the team" blue button in order to activate her/his account, as seen below:

Note: In case the invited user doesn’t receive the invitation, you can try re-sending it. Sometimes, these invitation e-mails may take a bit longer to deliver or end up in the user’s SPAM folder.

In order to resend an invitation, please do as follows:

  1. Go to the "Team members" page

  2. Click on the correspondent user (a “Confirmation pending” marker should show right next to the user)

  3. Click on the "Resend invitation" button, as it can be seen on the example below:

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In case you need help or would like to share your ideas with us, please contact the prima:Time Support team by clicking on the black bubble in the bottom right corner of this page 🙌.

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