By default, the person who created the account - the Account owner, is able to assign the team mates' roles.

Each role has its own competencies. The competencies differ in accessing important features like clients, projects, prices, etc.

How to assign a role to a user:

Assigning roles to team mates is only allowed by the Account owner and the Account administrator.

To assign a role, go to Team settings 👉 Team members 👉 click on the User 👉Assigned roles

Add or remove roles easily by checking/unchecking the boxes with the relevant roles.

For more detailed information about the competencies the user will gain by addinng a role, click on the link “Competencies” in the blue box underneath. By clicking here, you will see the rights the specific user currently has.

To learn more about the particluar roles and their compatencies, please read this article.

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