prima:Time subscriptions are workspace-specific. That means a subscription is not tied to a specific user. You are charged for every access to a module based on a subscription. In one subscription, there can be just one or infinitely many access to modules purchased.

Explore the logic of merging subscriptions in this article.

To get into the Accesses & Subscriptions page, go to prima:Time settings 👉 Accesses & Subscriptions.

The page is divided into two sections. On the right-hand side (blue rectangle), there is a section for Purchasing accesses to modules. On the left-hand side (red rectangle), there is a section for Assigning the purchased accesses.

How to purchase accesses to modules

To purchase an access to a module, go to the Subscription management section located on the right-hand side of the page.

Choose the subscription and the amount of accesses you want to buy 👉 press the Buy accesses button 👉 enter your payment information into the payment getaway

In case you would like to increase the amount of accesses of an active type of subscription, just type the amount in the Increase by column and click on the + button.

You will not have to fill out your credentials again. The transaction will be done automatically and you will get the purchased amount of accesses.

In case you would like to cancel a subscription, check out this article.

How to assign purchased accesses to modules

Each member can have an access to one, two or all three prima:Time modules. Only the account owner or admin is able to assign the access to the team members.

To assign an access, tick the checkboxes of the particular modules you want your team mates to use. To unassign an access, untick the checkbox.

In order to assign an access, there need to be accesses available. You can see the amount of Accesses used and the amount of Available accesses you have at the bottom of the section.

If you need help or would like to share your ideas, please contact the primaTime Support by clicking on the blue bubble in the bottom right corner of this page. All sorts of comments are very welcome. We are permanently searching for new inspiration to improve our software 📩🙏.

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