How to purchase subscriptions
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Go to the "Accesses & Subscriptions" site, as seen below:

After you land on the "Accesses & Subscriptions" page, do as follows:

  1. Choose the type and the number of the subscription you need.

  2. Press the “Buy subscriptions button.

  3. Insert your payment details as well as any discount codes in the following pop-up window (don't forget to click on "apply" after inserting the discount code, see How to apply a discount code).

  4. After the purchase, a pop-up window appears asking to refresh the page. Click on "Yes". The newly purchased subscriptions will be displayed at the bottom of the "Subscriptions assignment" (blue rectangle) section, as seen in the example below:

Note - Newly purchased subscriptions are not visible? Refresh the page or try to re-login, please.

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