The Timesheet dashboard allows you to insert new time records quite rapidly. This becomes especially true if the time records you want to insert are somehow continuous and / or contain simple or repeated values.

In the same manner, this feature is also quite useful when you need to insert the same number of hours per day in common Projects, Clients or Activities, thus becoming also a perfect way to enter backdated records in bulk.

In those cases, when you can’t or simply don’t need to specify “at what time” you’ve performed a certain task, but are rather interested in correctly listing the amount of time spent, the Timesheet mode should be your view of choice.

The Timesheet window

The Timesheet window consists of a set of pre-selected rows which show the same attributes and allow you to edit the same information that you can find on the Agenda or Calendar mode (Client, Project, Task, Activity, etc.).

The only difference is that the presented data is shown in a very distinctive way: in rows. This arrangement immensely facilitates inserting time records for tasks or activities that you’re working or have worked on repetitively, as seen below:

To start using the Timesheet, do the following:

  1. Go to the Timesheet dashboard

  2. Press the black "+Add row" button in the top right corner

  3. Select the required fields (Client, Project / Task or Activity), as seen below:

  4. Type the number of hours directly into the boxes of each row, as also seen below:

Note: Although every time record created in the Timesheet mode will also appear in the Calendar, Agenda or any other available view, entries created in the Timesheet are displayed in the Calendar, by default, at 6 AM. You can easily move them by "drag and drop" onto specific times and days using the Calendar mode or simply edit the required entry on any other menu, as seen on the GIF above.

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