Timesheet is the fastest option for entering your time records. Works great for adding activities such as vacation or other long repetetive tasks. This option is much quicker than using the calendar view entering options.

The timesheet window

Consist of a timesheet and a stopwatch on the right hand side.

The timesheet consists of rows, which have identical data with the time records from the calendar (client, project, task, activity) . The timesheet data just take a different form - a row which allows you to easily input the time for the tasks or activities that you work on repetetively during different days.

How to use the timesheet

To add a new time record to tasks already created this week, simply insert the time records in the different fields of the timesheet.

Notice the interconnection bewteen the Agenda and Calendar. All time records created in the timesheet will also appear in the calendar and in other views.

Tasks created in Agenda get displayed in the caledar by default at 6 AM. You can easily move them by "drag and drop" onto specific times and days.

To add a new row, press the add row button in the top right corner. Then fill out the client, project and activity fields.

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