Backdate Time Tracking
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Backdate Time Tracking is one of the two ways of creating new time records. It's ideal for recording time after the tasks or activities have ended.

There are multiple ways to create a Backdate Time Tracking record by using:

  • the universal "+ Time Record" button

  • the "Click and drag" feature

  • the Impulses

  • the Timesheet

The universal "+ Time Record" button

Click on the "+ Time Record" button, in the top right corner of the page, and simply fill out the necessary information. As simple as that.

"Click and Drag"

Just click on a specific point / period of your Calendar, then drag it to another point and finally fill out the necessary information, as seen below:


Click on an impulse or drag & drop it into the calendar to create a new time record and, if needed, readjust the necessary information:

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