By default, all activities are not dependent on projects. This feature allows you to make activities project related. That means the selected related activities will be only be displayed among the options when creating a time record after picking a particular project.

How to turn this feature on?

Time tracking settings 👉 Features

How to use project related activities?

In order to use project related activities, you need to have one of the following roles assigned: Account owner, Account administrator, Time Tracking project manager and / or the owner of a project.

To make the particular activites project related, go to Manage 👉 Projects 👉 Click on a particular project 👉 Activities

To start relating activities to a project, click on the "YES, I want to set a list of activities related to this project." checkbox.

Then, start ticking the particular activities you want to be related to that project.

You can also use a filter to see all the activities or only the related ones.

Notice, when picking the project Brand campaign from the demostration above, only the ticked activities are among the options.

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