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Unlike tasks, activities are by default independent on a project and can be thus picked without selecting a project or a client when creating a time record.

They can, however, be also made dependent on particular projects in the settings. Learn more about it in this article.

To get to the Activities page, do the following:

  1. Go to “Manage 👉 Activities

What to use activities for

Activities are suitable for the two following use cases:

  • for general repetitive activities that can take place within any project, such as Administration, Meeting, Programming, Calling, Customer support, etc.

  • for specifying (tagging) the time record's nature, such as Home Office, Work or even Break

The attributes of Activities

The Price

After setting the price for an activity, selecting that particular activity when creating a time record will price the time record according to the activities' set price.

Example: The activity "Calling" was assigned an hourly rate of 20 USD per hour. A 2 hours long time record was created, thus the price of that time record is 40 USD, as seen below:

The "Type" characteristic

This allows you to specify the nature of the activity. For instance:

  • The type of the activity called "Lunch" would be "Break"

  • The type of the activity called "Meeting" would be "Work"

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