prima:Time allows you to assign specific hourly rates to Projects, Clients, Tasks, Activities, Users and Activities.

The application was in fact designed taking into consideration that each account owner or user may work for different clients, be responsible for various types of projects and carry out diverse activities during his workday, charging different fees for the time spent on each of these scenarios.

For that reason, there's a very clear system of price prioritization, which automatically assigns to each established price a certain “rank”. That prevents any conflicts while billing your time records, avoiding charging, in the end, divergent, not agreed or piled up sums. More information about our price prioritization system here.

To assign hourly rates, do the following:

  1. Go to the Billing module

  2. Go to the "Pricing" subpage

  3. Click on "+ Hourly Rate"

  4. Assign an hourly rate to one or more of the available fields

  5. Click on "Submit", as seen below:

Please note that by checking the "Recalculate price" checkbox, the newly assigned hourly rates will be used to recalculate the already existing time records which contain that specific field to which the new hourly rate was assigned.

To edit existing hourly rates, simply click on the price of the specific hourly rate you want to modify, as shown below:

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