In the clients dashboard, you can see the client's name, code, city where the client is located, the cleints email and phone, consent validity and number of projects assigned to the client. This information can be defined within the settings of a particular client.

To get to the clients dashboard, go to Manage 👉 Clients

Name (orange rectangle)

By clicking on the client's name, you will get to the settings of that particular client

Code (green rectangle)

Code comes in handy when you have a quick overview when creating a time record. Remember, the code always comes in front of the client's name.

Consent validity (blue rectangle)

Consent validity is useful in order to keep track of the expiry date of a contract that you have with your client.

The blue book icon (red rectangle)

Displays the number of projects, which are related to that specific client, by clicking on it.


On the left, you can observe a filters pannel. There you can filter out the clients depending on the conditions you input.

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