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Learn what each field of information displayed on the Clients panel means

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As also stated in other related articles, “Clients” are one of the three main constituents of our app when it comes to its intended use, alongside with “Projects” and “Activities”.

The reason for that is that time records are usually created based either on a specific task or project you participate in, on a certain type of activity you frequently perform or on the work you execute for a specific client.

In this case, the Client’s dashboard shows you a summarized panel containing the client's name, associated code, address, email and phone, validity of consent, as well as the number of projects assigned to each client.

This information can be all defined (and edited anytime) within the settings of a particular client. More information on this topic can be found here.

To get to the Clients dashboard, simply select the Manage 👉 Clients menu, as seen below:

Name (orange rectangle)

By clicking on the client's name, you will get to the settings of that particular client

Code (green rectangle)

Codes come in handy when you need a short and memorable pattern which you can associate with specific elements (clients, projects, tasks or activities), a very useful attribute when searching, organizing or filtering your own data

City, E-Mail, Phone (purple, pink and black rectangles)

These fields are self-explanatory and provide you with a quick overview of useful details pertaining to each customer

Consent validity (blue rectangle)

The Consent validity field is important to keep track of the expiry date of a contract that you may have in effect with your client, should this be a data processing agreement or any other type of working contract with a defined expiry date.

The blue book icon (red rectangle)

This icon displays the number of projects which are related to that specific client. By clicking on it you will be redirected to the project management page for this client.


On the left side of your screen, you can see the filters panel, as in most of our app’s pages. This is where you can screen your clients based on the pre-requisites you determine.

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