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Learn how to create and keep an updated list of clients

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Clients” are one of the three main constituents of our app when it comes to its intended use, alongside with “Projects” and “Activities”.

The reason for that is that time records are usually created based either on a specific task or project you participate in, on a certain type of activity you frequently perform or on the work you execute for a specific client.

That is also the reason, for example, why “Clients” are a mandatory field to fill in when issuing a bill.

To create a new client, go to Manage 👉 Clients, as seen below:

When on the clients dashboard page, do as follows:

  1. Click on the "+ Client" button in the top right corner

  2. Fill out the necessary information to create your new client (Name, Code, E-mail)

  3. Click on "Show more" to specify more attributes (optional), as seen below:

4. Finally, press the “Submit” button

Note: A full clients' portfolio overview can also be exported as PDF, XLS or CSV by clicking on the “Export as” button on the top of the page, right next to “+ Client”.

This file will present a complete list of your clients’ recorded details, including their name, defined code, address, e-mail, phone nr. and a “Client Projects Count”, providing you also with a better perspective on the number and participation of your clients in your undercurrent workflow.

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