prima:Time subscriptions are linked with the main Account itself, not with any specific user.

This means that you can remove a subscription from one of your team members and immediately assign it to another. This operation can also be reversed at any given time.

Assigning or removing subscriptions to and from different users (or team members) is only allowed to the Account owner and the Account administrator.

Assigning / Removing Subscriptions

  • To assign or remove a subscription to or from a team member, go to the "Accesses & Subscriptions" page, as seen below:

  • Once in the "Accesses & Subscriptions" page, you’ll see a section on the left named “Subscriptions assignment

  • Now you just need to tick or un-tick the respective check-boxes of the module(s) you want each team member of your team to gain/lose access to/from, as seen on the example below:

Note: In order to allocate an access to any of the three existing modules (Attendance, Time Tracking or Billing), you must have “Available subscriptions”, as shown above.

You can always contrast the number of subscriptions currently in use (“Used”) with the total number of purchased subscriptions (“Total subscriptions”).

The result is the number shown in the field “Available subscriptions”.

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