Marking tasks as completed
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Marking a task as completed will make it disappear from the list of tasks, which you can create time records from. That will make the list of available tasks clear and non-redundant.

Marking tasks as completed when creating time records

  1. Go to the “Calendar” overview

  2. Tick the checkbox saying “Mark tasks as completed

  3. Submit the Time Record

  4. The task is now completed

Marking tasks as completed through the Impulses panel.

  1. Go to the “Calendar” overview

  2. Click on the “Task subcategory

  3. Click on the “impulse” (task)

  4. Click on the “Mark task as completed” button

Marking tasks as completed in the “Project 's” “Tasks” subpage.

  1. Go to “Manage 👉 Projects 👉 click on the project's name

  2. Go to the “Tasks” subpage

  3. Tick the individual tasks 👉 click on the “Action” button 👉 click on Mark Task as completed”, as seen below:

Where to find the completed “Tasks?”

The completed tasks can be found in the “Project 's” “Tasks” subpage by changing the “By status” filter from “only active” onto either “only completed” or “all”.

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