prima:Time’s Billing module allows you to set specific hourly rates concerning different types of work, clients or even team members.

Simply put, you can instantly price any time record by defining the price per hour associated with that specific task or project you’ve worked on. That simple.

But it may be the case that you provide different services for one or more clients and you charge different prices per each type of service. Moreover, maybe you have different agreements with some of your clients and you can’t simply issue a new bill based on a fixed hourly rate. It may be also the case that you employ or collaborate on a daily basis with other team members, having diverse levels of skills and expertise and they may charge different prices for their time, even within your account or organization.

All the examples above show how "pricing" can become a complex task.

There’s a combination of factors that can influence the degree to which your recorded activities yield profit but, in the end, it’s up to you to decide upon the value of your recorded items while issuing a bill.

prima:Time made it very easy for you to define which price should be prioritized over

another with our pre-built pricing levels.

Let's look at two standard examples.

1 - We set the following hourly rates:

The time record belongs to the client "TECHSly" and the user "Smith John".

In this case, the combination matched the Priority Level 11 (USER + CLIENT) and the time record was priced accordingly, as seen below:

2- On the other hand, when a non-predefined combination is chosen, the time record's price will be set to zero, as seen on the picture below:

The user "Doe Jane" had no specific preset pricing data, therefore the system couldn't define which priority should be applied. In this cases the price is set to zero and you can manually insert the required value.

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