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Unable to add new users (email address already in use)
Unable to add new users (email address already in use)

Find out what to do when you can't add a new user to your account because the email address was previously registered

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prima:Time accounts are associated with each user's own email address. This means that there cannot be two prima:Time accounts with the same email address: one email = one account.

This may eventually lead to two types of situation:

  • Difficulties in adding a user / team member to your own account because you or the user had already registered the same email address with us, in the past.

  • Account owners who have used our services in the past are unable to create a new account while providing the same previously registered email address (please remember: one email = one account).

The solution for both cases is similar: you must simply change the email address registered on our application, within the application itself.

This action will automatically release the corresponding email address, allowing its reuse immediately afterwards, either while trying to add new users to your account or while creating a new prima:Time account, being again possible to use your personal email address.

In order to do so please follow these steps:

  1. Access the "My Profile" menu

  2. On the first page, click on the "Change" button, right next to your email address.

  3. A pop up window will appear asking the following information:

Do you really want to make a change?

  • Changing the e-mail also means changing your login name.

  • After making the changes, you will be logged out and you will be able to sign in with the new e-mail address.

After acknowledging this, you simply need to tick the "I understand and I want to change my email address." checkbox and, finally, press the SUBMIT button.

Once you confirm the change, the email address associated with that specific account will be released and you will be able to proceed with the desired action.

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