Time Tracking allows four ways of creating a time record: Live time tracking, Retrospective time tracking, time tracking through the Agenda and the Timesheeet features. All of them are interconnected throughout the application.

Live time tracking

Great for recording time taken on tasks or activities you are currently working on. There are tow ways how to track your time live: using the stopwatch and using the impulses.

Using the stopwatch

Click on the Start button. Then, simply pick the client, project, task or activity. When done with tracking, click on the Stop button. You will be also able to adjust all the other items of a time record if needed. There is also a possibilty of pausing and editing the record. To find out more about these, check this article out.

Using the impulses

Works the same way as using the stopwatch. The only difference is, you can take the "Impulse" either from tasks you work on repetetively, tasks from projects or tasks gathered from external software such as Microsoft Exchange or Google Calendar. Find out more about Impulses in this article.

The retrospective time tracking

Ideal for recording time after the tasks or activity has ended. There are three ways to create a time record retrospectively.

Click and Drag

Simply click, drag and fill out the necessary information.


Just drag and drop an "impulse" or create a time record and fill out the necessary information. Find out more about Impulses in this article.

Using the Universal Button

Click on the Universal Button and and simply fill out the neccessary information.

Through the Agenda feature

This feature is great for scheduling and planning tasks for a given day. Please, visit this article to find out how to track time using Agenda and much more.

Through the Timesheeet feature

This feature is ideal for quickly entering time taken on long and repetetive task on a large scale. Please, visit this article to find out how to track time using Timesheet and much more.

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