Agenda works as a to-do list, where you pick the tasks you would like to work on and then track the time taken live on them.

To use agenda, you need to have tasks defined. It's because only tasks can be displayed in the agenda window.

To start using Agenda, do the following:

  1. Go to the "Agenda" page

  2. Click on the black "list icon" button in the top right corner of Today's To-Do List section

  3. Press the "star" icon to add the task from the list into your today's To-Do List

  4. To start tracking the time on that particular task, press the "play icon" button

  5. To finish tracking the time on that particular task, click on the "stop icon" button

  6. To make the task stay in your To-Do List permanently, press the "pin" icon

  7. To remove the task from your To-Do List, un-click the "pin" icon if the task is pinned (the pin is black) 👉 un-click the "star" icon, as seen below:

To add a task from the previous day into your Today's To-Do List:

  1. Click on the "star" icon

  2. Press the "pin" icon to make the task stay in your To-Do List permanently, as seen below:

Note, tasks which you worked both yesterday and also today will not be displayed in the Yesterday I worked section.

To edit the existing time records in Time records of the day section:

  1. Press the "pencil icon" button, as seen below:

Notice the interconnection between the Agenda and the Calendar. All the time records created in the timesheet will also appear in the calendar and in other views.

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