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Live Time Tracking is one of the two ways of creating new time records. It's a great way to register the time spent on the tasks and activities in which you are currently working on.

There are multiple ways to track your time, in real time, by using:

Using the Stopwatch

  1. Click on the stopwatch Start button

  2. Pick the Client, Project, Task, Activity, etc.

  3. Click on the "Start" button

  4. Once you're done with your work, click on the "Save" button. There is also a possibility to simply Pause and then Continue the same time record, as seen below:

Afterwards, you can always readjust the selected items on your time record.

Using the Impulses

Impulses work in a very similar way to the stopwatch.

The only difference is that you can directly select the "impulse", either from a list of tasks which you work on repetitively, tasks from different projects, or even tasks gathered from external software such as Microsoft Exchange or Google Calendar.

You can either click on the impulse and start tracking time live, or you can “drop it” directly on the stopwatch. The previously recorded information will then be reused in order to save you time, although you can always edit it according to your preferences, as seen below:

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