In the To-Do List mode, you can add the tasks you would like to work on into the To-Do section and then start tracking their time.

To get to the To-Do List mode, do the following:

  1. Hover over the mode menu

  2. Click on "To-Do List" option, as seen below:

This mode consists of three major sections: the To-Do List (green rectangle), the Recent work (blue rectangle) and Time records of the day (red rectangle), as seen on the picture below:

The To-Do List section (green rectangle)

In this section, you can:

  • add and remove tasks to and from your To-Do List

  • quickly create new tasks for a project

  • track time on each task

  • mark tasks as completed

Adding & removing tasks to and from your To-Do List

  1. Click on the black "+Tasks / +Assignments" button on the top right corner of the To-Do section

  2. Press the "star" icon to add the task from that list into your today's To-Do List

  3. To remove the task from your To-Do List, click on the "X" icon, as seen below:

Creating new Tasks for projects

  1. Click on the black "+Tasks / +Assignments" button on the top right corner of the To-Do List section

  2. Fill in the task name and then click on the "+" icon or press "Enter" , as seen below:

Tracking time on Tasks

  1. To start tracking time on a particular task, press the "Play" button

  2. To stop tracking time on that particular task, press the "Stop" button, as seen below:

Tasks for which you have created a time record will be displayed both on the Recent work section with the status "in progress", as well as on the Time records of the day section.

Marking Tasks as completed

  1. To mark tasks as completed, click on the "checkmark" icon, as seen below:

Concluded tasks (those for which you have already tracked time) will be displayed in the Recent work section, now showing the status "Done".

The Recent work section (blue rectangle)

This section can display up to the 10 most recently created time records, always sorted in chronological order. The Recent Work section also displays the status of the tasks: Done (green rectangle), Planned (orange rectangle) and simply the "star" icon, which you can use to add the task / project to your list (red rectangle):

The tasks in which you've worked on recently, but aren't marked as Done or yet included on the To-Do list, can now be added into the To-Do List by clicking on its corresponding "star" icon, as seen below:

The Time records of the day section (red rectangle)

This section displays the most recently created ten time records and their current status: Done (green rectangle) or "To-be carried out ("play" button)" (red rectangle).

Time records can be edited anytime by clicking on the "Edit" button (yellow rectangle).

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